Vivaldi 2018

performed by 160 Chinese and international students accompanied by an award-winning youth orchestra with the choreography of Royston Maldoom, recreated by Mia Sophia Bilitza and Volker Eisenach

— Premiere on October 13th & 14th, 2018
at Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre

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It is our goal to bring young people of different cultures together through dancing where they can learn from each other, respect each other and most important they make friendship with students from other countries.

During this dance program, for the first time in their life these kids discovered the joy of dancing to classical music. They got skills in teamwork, they became creative, they learnt how to push themselves to reach the goal to perform on stage –it surly changed their lives.

You do not have to talk to each other to live with each other, but when you danced with each other, you can live together.

Royston Maldoom

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